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Dear Fellow Sun Worshippers!

We are all sun worshippers, because without the sun there would be only darkness.

That said, there is a lot of potent material for growth in the darkness where things hidden from our consciousness can be seen, addressed, healed, and transformed when our inner eyes are opened.

We have just passed Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, where we celebrate the return of the light and the solar new year! Coupled with the last new SUPER moon of the year today, it is a turning point for new beginnings. Thank Goddess, perfect timing for me! Here is a short video of a Sun Namaskar filmed at a sacred spot in Villa de Leyva on the Solstice!

This past year has been a year where so much was unveiled to me that I needed to see, and some of it was not so easy. I'm relentless to be on top of my inner growth and try to walk the talk, so when I veer off the path, I can be pretty hard on myself.

Does this ever happen to you?

I am so grateful for the practices of yoga, meditation, pranayama, plant medicine, and my latest discovery, Qi Gong, that help me to get through these times, to be compassionate with myself, and also be fierce when needed. It's brave work.

I was moving through a lot this past month, doing my best to keep it together while holding a lot for myself, my grief, all the changes I've been through this year (last year at this time I was moving to California and getting engaged!), finishing up my book project, lots of complex dynamics with family and friends, and holding space for all the major ups and downs the women in my Soul on Fire Journey were also moving through.

Yet, as I tell the women in my group, this is the time of year we go inwards to look back at the past year, acknowledge and give thanks for all the growth and blessings, and be clear about what we want to let go of, so I have been in that process too.

It was overwhelming.

So just the other day, I fell apart.

Or as my dear soul sister reframed it, I had a major release and breakthrough. Another friend who happens to be in my program and is a trauma expert, reminded me of what happens to the brain after trauma, that perfectly explained a recent incident I had that I was beating myself up about. This was the piece of the puzzle that I needed to understand and extend the love and compassion towards myself that was holding me back.

Lots of healing and cleansing tears, an epic healing from my Qi Gong teacher Oscar, and just what I needed the day before the Solstice, so I could be reborn too, just like the sun.

Every day is an opportunity to be reborn, yet as we stand at the crux of the Solstice, a Super New Moon, all the angel numbers; 12/21/22, 12/22/22, the New Year, and all the holydays, this is truly the moment to do some major inner excavation, get clear about what you want to let go of, forgive everyone, INCLUDING YOURSELF, and begin anew.

Close old chapters, big adieu to that which no longer serves you, and re-align with your soul.

You get to re-create your life and open to new possibilities for your highest good, and bravely serve your gifts to this world that needs you now.

I really do think it takes bravery. After fitting into the boxes that our culture, family, social media, etc shaped for us, it can be tricky to escape.

The suicide, mental health epidemic, climate crisis, global chaos, and social dysfunction is a symptom of lots of complex issues, but I truly feel that it is also a function of humans feeling uncomfortable in their own skin, unable to express themselves authentically, and disempowered to stand up for themselves and their causes.

I am grateful to be on the spiritual path, to help others deepen their own spiritual path, and as humbling as it can be to look in the mirror and see how much further I want to go to be my best self, I believe we can do this work of being human better, together.

I'm here for you!

I have been inspired to focus all my energy on my new Spiritual Life Coaching 1-on-1 package, where I can finally utilize all the different practices and skills I have honed over the past three decades. This is for people who are super passionate about making some big changes and leaps in their life. If you are curious about how yoga, meditation, plant medicine, tantric sexuality, ayurveda, self love, discovering your inner gifts, purpose based living (+ more!) can support you in stepping into your highest expression, please take me up on a complimentary discovery call!

Thank you so much to those of you who messaged me back last week to be a part of my WithYou Forever Book Launch! I will be adding you to a special WhatsApp Group with that name, so please look for it after the holidays. And it's not too late to join, if you want to be a part of my inner circle to get the book out into the world click here!

Deep breaths as you move through Hanukkah, Christmas, Winter Solstice, New Moon, & New Year! 🎄 ✨ 🕎

Tis the season of love, forgiveness, family & friends, spreading your light, and new beginnings.

My hope is that you can all take a moment to pause, go inside your soul, take refuge in your practices, shine your light for all who need it, slow down, smell the sky, lend a hand, and love yourselves up real good, because:

"When You Love Yourself, You Love The World!"

Happy Holy Days My Friends!



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