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How are you all doing as we go into the last week of Mercury Retrograde?!

I usually send out a email "LoveLetter" for people who want to stay connected with me, and I wanted to share the letter withYou here, and you can see the whole newsletter in the comments section!

During this Mercury RX and Eclipse season, I started my Intro To Tantra Course, launched the hardcopy of Cheyne's book, moved through all of the emotions around his birthday, watched all the shit go down across the globe, and feel like my nervous system has been on a roller coaster ride!

I always go into this time of year with a prayer on my lips and a "positive attitude" but this one hit me hard and I have had to reach out for the support of my teachers, healers, and friends, utilize my plant medicine allies, and lean into all the Tantrik practices that so powerfully support and regulate my heart and soul.

I know I have said it before, but it bears repeating.

Please reach out if you are needing support. Send a text, dm, email, or old fashioned phone call to someone.

It's a power move.

It's a leadership move.

It's a self love move.

It inspires other people to do the same.

It could save a life.

One of the main reasons my newsletter is called a "LoveLetter" is because I really do share my heart and process with you, and sometimes share some vulnerable things.

I consider myself a very strong, happy, blessed, and resilient person, but like all humans, I have my down times and I think it's important to share that too.

The world of social media and a culture that doesn't always embrace the normality of the entire human experience, can make it seem like we are all doing "just fine", and make it very difficult for people to feel "Ok to not feel ok" sometimes.

The good news is that there is a lot of support out there, good people, and practices that you can learn to help your nervous system, heart, and body get into regulation and balance.

It's really what Tantra & Yoga are all about and why I am so passionate about it because I truly believe these practices can change lives, relationships, and even the world as we all come into coherence.

My own good news:

I had a great visit from my son Ronin here in Costa Rica and had the best time ever, have been surfing alot and caught one of the sweetest rides of my life recently, have been overjoyed with the response from people in my Intro To Tantra Course hotlink and all the transformation they are getting out of it,

(so much that I decided to offer it again in May so go to the website now if you want to be in it and get the early bird rate!)

I am also super excited about some epic events coming up:

A retreat in Nepal, teaching in Crested Butte in June, at Sangha Festival, and more to come!

The energy will be shifting and it is the perfect time to choose ways to grow, heal, and surround yourself with amazing people, places, and experiences!

These are fun and nourishing opportunities and create more peace, love, and healing in your life, and in the world.

If you have a nourishing high vibe event coming up, share below in comments!

I look forward to seeing you and sharing my heart WithYou, and thank you to everyone who supported our book launch and sent me your love and prayers on Cheyne's birthday!

"Love Yourself & You Love The World,"


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