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I was a s3x ed teacher!

That’s where it all began my friends!

Back in the day I taught the public school system curriculum that was mostly about STDs, birth control, and the boring reproductive system.

Where was the sacred?!

Now it’s here!

In my Intro to Tantra Courses or 1-1 Sessions, you will learn all about the NEW s3x ed which is all about deepening your spirituality, relationships, and self-love journey.

It’s about using some of the yoga, breath, and meditation tools you already know, and taking them to the next level along with beautiful rituals to do with yourself or your beloved!

What the world needs now is LOVE, and this is the path that is 108% designed to bring it forth!

I’m here to answer your questions, dm me so you can have a full body yes and join me this Thursday XOXO

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