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My Love for Yoga

I fell in love with yoga for many reasons, and one of them was because it made me feel free. Inside my body, soul, and self. Layers peeled away, and still are, revealing the Spirit that wants to be unleashed, healed, and whole. One with God; the meaning of yoga. Unfortunately, as a studio owner, teacher, trainer, and mentor, I’ve seen yoga lose that quality of freedom. Even I became part of it. It has stolen a piece of my joy for yoga. I want it back. Rules, regulations, trademarks, styles, certifications, alliances, competition, legal battles, drama, and more. This is not the spirit of yoga. Yoga changed my life. And saved my life. I want to share it, so anyone can receive its healing grace. Is there a way we can honor the roots, the teachers, the lineages, yet still be FREE to share so all may benefit? I’m soul searching about this... From all that has been revealed this revolutionary year, we’ve learned the systems must be un-rigged so ALL can be free, and maybe yoga needs to be un-rigged too. For the benefit of all beings. Yoga is about LOVE. In this spirit of love and devotion, we can heal our hearts... and the world.

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