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National Sons Day

Well national sons day was yesterday but who cares every day is national sons day!

Being a mother to my three sons, Cheyne, Skye, and Ronin, is definitely the number one thing I am most proud of in life!

I am one of three sisters, have always been surrounded by women, and sort of assumed I would also have girls, but now I can’t imagine my life without my sons!

My oldest Cheyne may be in the world of formless, but he taught me how to be a mom and has gifted me with the most unique relationship that I am sure I will have for the rest of my life. (Stay tuned for the book soon to be published with his channeled messages to me!)

My second son Skye came in with a grin on his face and has made us laugh, brought us so much joy, and is not only my son but a friend and someone I admire and look to for advice that never fails.

Ronin, “my baby”, has stood by my side, rescued me a couple of times, beats to his own drummer, and though he appears to be tough as nails, has the softest tenderest heart that melts us all.

My sons come from BIPOC blood, have been through more than you can imagine, are made up of the stuff of superheroes, and are peaceful warriors that have, and are making a difference in the world, and most certainly mine!

I love and honor my 3 sons, send my prayers for all those who are grieving any sons no longer on the planet like me, applaud all the sons of the world, and take a stand for all men that are walking this brave path of manhood!

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