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New Moon/Eclipse Energy

A little sad today.

The shadow time before the new moon is always a little intense for me. With the eclipse coming up I definitely feel the energy of major endings and new beginnings, and that place in between can be daunting.

So much going on in the world, relationships, decisions to be made, things to do, and healing to integrate. I have learned the importance of holding myself during the sadness, and allowing it to move through. I have also learned how important it is to take refuge in my practice during these times and shift back into a high vibration, not only for myself but for others that I love and serve.

I am infinitely grateful for all of the yoga, meditation, bhakti practices, plant medicine, healers of all kinds in my life, beloved friends, family, community, my gurus, and nature that fills me up in these moments.

That said, when i wake up in the morning feeling heaviness, it is the power of practice that has been instilled in my being that is my anchor.

I often wonder what do people do without these kind of practices? It’s why I have been teaching these things for the past three decades, creating courses, offerings, mentoring other women so they can do the same, and re-dedicating myself again and again so that I can walk the talk.

To all of my community of healers and teachers of all kinds, the world needs you, be brave, don’t hide, it’s not easy for me either to come out of my turtle shell, let’s show up for each other and hold each other‘s hands.

RamRam, love yourself through it all my friends! WithYou in a warm embrace.

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