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New Moon LoveLetter

Dear Surfers of Life,

I am here in the land of endless waves, playful monkeys, and the infamously warm and friendly people of Costa Rica. Though lacking in temples compared to my time in India and Nepal, my temple here is the ocean. Being born on the California coastline and literally raised immersed by the sea, my mermaid soul is thriving and healing here. My dear student/friend/assistant Emily and I arrived together to literally bump into a Kirtan happening in downtown San Jose, which led to meeting several Bhakti brothers and sisters, staying at an ashram on our way to Samara, and landing in the arms of dear sister and mentee from my Soul on Fire Mentorship Group, Donna Lee. Onwards to Nosara where I was hoping to stay but needing a sign. A holy sign I received indeed, meeting a friend I had only known from social media who has been following my grief journey and generously invited me into her family’s life and heart showing me the best people, places, and vegan food of Nosara! So I stayed. And what was going to be six weeks is going to end up being three months. Prana Vinyasa sister friend Maria Garre turned me onto her surf school that specializes in taking people to the next level with superior one on one surf coaching. Surfing has always been my passion. Floating atop the ocean, catching waves, and praying to Goddess Sea, I have found the perfect surf therapy for my heart. Cheyne was named after a world famous surfer, and it was always his dream to be a great surfer. I am catching waves with him and for him, as well as for my other two sons! It has been a busy first month here with two of my closest soul sisters coming to visit with their families, getting me out of my little cocoon, and sharing the stoke together. Then Donna Lee took me by the hand, introducing and supporting me to a plant medicine retreat that cleared and healed layers so deep I didn’t even know they were there. I feel with this new moon a whole new cycle of my life is beginning! The next few months will be mainly yoga, surf, the sea, time to begin my book, projects for the local youth, and diving into ME. I still don’t know too much about my future and what exactly I will be doing, so I am intending to stay open, curious, emptying, clearing, releasing, healing, and listening to that still quiet voice of the divine inside. This watery, creative, healing, joyful Piscean new moon, and Mercury Retrograde, I share with you these questions to go inside and ponder (inspired by Access Consciousness) without grasping for answers. They have been my guide to opening infinite possibilities.  What more is possible? How can it get better than this? Thank you for following along my SoulFire Pilgrimage! I love when people reach out and connect, bumping into new and old friends along the way, and sharing hearts and healing together.  Keep rising, keep loving yourself, keep loving the world, keep letting your vision pull you forward, and keep believing in miracles!  Sharing the Stoke, Monica

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