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Ram Ram Familia

Well my friends we have come through the final eclipse, and we are basking in the moon glow of all needing to be illuminated inside of ourselves and in the world. These are intense times! I hope you are surrounded by love, taking refuge in your practices, nourishing your hearts, serving your gifts to the causes you believe in, digging deep to unveil what your truly passionate about, and courageously stepping in with faith. The past is over, we can let it go, hard as it may be i know, and the future, well, it’s not here yet so let’s do our best for sure and behold the light TODAY. I’m telling myself this daily! For this Scorpio rising, the Scorpio season has brought many ahas and realizations as I am moving towards yet another major pivot in my life. From yoga teacher, trainer, studio owner, yogini entrepreneur coach, to finishing up a book with another on its heels, deepening my Tantric Sexuality path, and new 1-1 Spiritual Life Coaching offerings, I am letting the self doubts go, and listening to the call of my soul. Hoping that I’ll still be accepted, respected, forgiven, and loved, yet knowing it’s ME that needs to give that to myself. So I’m bravely spreading my hearts wings, and praying for us all to rise up and let love rule. RamRam Familia withYou!

Graphic art by Karie Reyes

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