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It has been a busy few months for me; going back and forth to the States, settling back into my community in Costa Rica, teaching a Yoga & Surf Retreat, hosting friends, and colleagues, working with my Soul on Fire YoginiPreneurs group, surfing, praying, watching sunsets, connecting with lovely people, peering inside my heart, and always finding more layers to reveal and heal.

With the eclipse season and Mercury in Retrograde coming up, i feel it’s time to pause. Go inside my cave. Be with me.

I have been feeling like there is something more i am meant to be doing. I know I’m on the tip of the iceberg and it’s going to be another one of those big leaps in my life, so i’m gathering my courage, feeling all the feels, letting go of the wheel, listening, taking refuge in my practice, opening up to infinite possibilities, and trusting myself to be guided.

I feel like many of us are being nudged to be more of an impact in the world.

Do you feel me? It’s a sacred moment in the mandala for us to say:



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