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Riding the waves!

Holy moly, giant waves here in Nosara, so i’ve been having to ride the big waves of life instead. Not sure what’s easier, getting pummeled in the sea or getting pummeled on land!

Who knew this cycle would be so intense? Thankfully, I had created my 40 Day Yoga Sacred Sadhana Immersion that started on July 1 and goes through August 9. I had no idea I would be facing a particularly big set, but having this group has proven to be a huge blessing! I have had a very committed daily practice for the past several decades and I’m used to doing it alone, but now I have this soulful group of people with me every morning and we have already become like a family, a true satsang!

Do you have a satsang/sangha/friends on the spiritual path? If not, I invite you to find one, it’s the most beautiful thing! To be together in meditation, prayer, mantra, yoga, breath, tears, laughter, the ups and downs of life, it makes it all so much sweeter!

Together we ride the waves of life, big or small, hold each other‘s hands + hearts and inspire each other on this walk of life. Thank you all!

RamRam, we are riding the waves together!

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