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Soul on Fire 40 Day Sacred Sadhana!

Sacred Practices have given me health, vitality, mental + emotional balance, spiritual strength, wisdom, not to mention my life path, a global family, and so much more!

I’ll be sharing this all with you starting tomorrow in my Soul on Fire 40 Day Sacred Sadhana! Right now I have amazing people signed up from all over the world, (including two men-i know there’s more out there!) and plenty of room to still join in!

Yoga asana is a part of it of course, but at least half of our 90 minute daily sessions will be focused on bhakti prayers, pranayama breath practices, mantra, meditation, sharing in our zoom satsang, and many of the parts of yoga that go unappreciated and undervalued that are so powerful and fulfilling. There is so much more to yoga and I am honored to share that with you in these 40 days that can change your life!

I have been working on the “Lovebook” manual and I just got a sneak peek at it last night, and it’s so beautiful, filled with all the juicy things that have been part of my practice all these years, all put together in one place like I have never seen it before!

Thank you to all of you who have joined, who have been watching, listening, and supporting by the sidelines, and know that I am so excited to create this sacred space and opportunity for healing + transformation for all of you, info in bio, wake up everyday with me chanting and loving you up!

RamRam, when you heal yourself, you heal the world!

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