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The Joy beyond the grief.

So blessed to live my surfer girl dream at this time in the world. Yet there is no escaping the troubled world or the sorrows that i carry.

Yes the photos depict such exotic adventures and happiness. And that is there my friends, that is there, and i’m so grateful for it.

The joy beyond the grief.

Costa Rica has been about surfing, and more importantly, it has been about healing. Lots of time alone in yoga, bhakti, buddhist + meditation practices. Plant medicine of several kinds. Shamans and medicine people. Gazing at the sea. Bravely looking inside and discovering more and more to be seen, accepted, released, transformed, held.

Whatever has to be done so that i can redirect the family lineage for my sons, be a beneficial presence on the planet, and be the me i’m meant to be, i will do it.

I hope my journey may support others, i’m praying for more ways i can serve, and letting myself live into the answers.

RamRam, WithYou familia.

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