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“The Power is Practice. Practice is the Path. The Path is Love!” ~mmd

After living by the sea the past few years, i have been missing her… Yet here in the countryside of Colombia is where i have a special opportunity to feel the culture of my roots and heal from the past few months of loss, a breakup, big family stuff, and all the things going on in the world. Since i am a mentor, coach, and intuitive facilitator of my Soul on Fire Journey group, it’s essential for me to take time off social media and replenish myself without the usual distractions so that i can show up in my fullness. Being a Scorpio rising, it’s a perfect time for me to harness this Scorpio and eclipse season to go inwards, face any shadows, release old identities and anything else needing to be surrendered, and allow for the death, rebirth, and transformation to have its way with me. Mental health and self love/self care are a part of my message that i wish to become everyday language that children grow up with learning to integrate. They are watching us, and learn from our example. Schools don’t teach this stuff enough, but we can show them the way. Going inwards to tend to my soul fire, take refuge in my ritual practices, and sending love and prayers all the way around. Share with me one of your favorite self love practices! “The Power is Practice. Practice is the Path. The Path is Love!” ~mmd Mark Nadir

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