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We can rebirth ourselves again, and again.

When I got back from surfing today, I realized that my board and I looked like an Easter egg!

Things have been pretty intense around these parts and probably for some of you and certainly all over the world so I thought I would lighten things up a little bit and let you know I’m getting some epic surf therapy, having fun in the jungle, and celebrating this time of year that is so powerful for new beginnings, transformation, and healing.

No matter what your religion is, Easter goes way way back beyond even Pagan times, and as much as the Christian message from Jesus is so beautiful,

overall I think it’s all about the power of light over darkness, the transition from death to a different stage of “life”, of hope and faith in such extraordinary times, and the ability that we can rebirth ourselves again, and again.

I am certainly riding that wave myself.

This is such a good time to journal and meditate and ask some good questions:

What parts of your life are you ready to let die and what parts of your life and self are you ready to birth?

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