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When your students become your teachers.

The past few weeks I have been on my “Radical Self Love” tour in 4 different epic cities in Colombia. I have been coming here for over 15 years so some of the students I trained are now studio owners, medicine women, healers, and epic teachers in their own right.

It’s one of the jewels of being an elder.

To see and feel the flowers that bloom into the most beautiful gardens that you have watered, loved, and cared for with all your heart.

And now to be loved, cared for, and held by them.

A gift beyond words.

As I shift from teaching yoga to tantra, self love, and spirituality, I know they are holding down the yoga and creating the space for my next evolution.

Yoga & Tantra cannot be separated, so i will always be a yogini, i just want to share the depth and beauty that tantra can be for creating more mentally healthy people, fulfilling relationships, and a more harmonious humanity!

Are you curious about Tantra?

More coming!

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