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Yes, yes, yes!

With this group of Goddesses from all over the world, we gathered around Shiva Rea to learn, to flow, to dance, to cry, to sing, and live alongside the Malibu fires raging just down the road. We were supposed to stay in Malibu but since it was evacuated, we rallied and found another house about half the size on the Santa Monica boardwalk (my hometown). We cozied up together like a slumber party and lived like a big happy family. We watched our teacher live with the uncertainty of losing her home and still show up blazing with passion and heart. I was loved and held and spoiled to life by Shiva, my Prana Vinyasa sisters, and truly allowed to laugh like thunder and cry like the rain we prayed for however and whenever it came. We know that as the fierce feminine in nature shows her wrath, the Goddess inside us all said YES. Yes to life. Yes to showing up. Yes to love. Yes to joy despite the pain. Yes to sisterhood. Yes to healing ourselves so all may benefit. Yes to Pachamama. We’re here for you. Fighting like Shakti’s Angels! Yes. Yes. Yes. 🔥♥️

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