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Your body is the altar

This is where you remember who you really are

Which is Love


I disappeared for a few weeks while I was totally immersed inside my 21 Day Sacred Yoga Sadhana cocoon.

21 amazing souls merged together in life’s canvas to dive deep into the art of self love through yoga body prayers, mantra, tantra, and breath. It was amazing to see the healing, transformation, and awakening that happens throughout that time and I am in deep reverence and gratitude for all these beautiful beings who will now dance on the Earth with more grace, power, and beauty.

Do you want to learn yoga body prayers + sacred tools to heal and transform?

I’d love to extend the invitation for my weekly Shakti Yoga Sadhana (link below) if you want to move the way love moves, awaken your body temple, and rest into being the sacred you that lives inside.

“Love God.

Love Yourself.

Love the World.

It’s all ONE.”


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