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Mandala flower
Mandala flower




Mandala flower

In September 2019 I embarked on a worldwide pilgrimage, visiting sacred sites, temples, and the ashrams of my gurus Neem Karoli Baba and Amma. Throughout this journey, I have also been participating in Seva projects for causes I believe in. Helping provide meals for women and children in India, supporting schools for children in poverty, volunteering at the Mexico border to provide trauma relief, & involvement in food relief projects in Costa Rica. I have also been following my passion and surfing at international surf destinations, connecting with global tribe, and offering yoga along the way. Due to our current global crisis, the advice to stay put is the one that I am embracing, living in the flow, and praying for the world! Please stay in touch to see where my SoulFire Pilgrimage leads me next.



Dedicated to my Spirit Son, Cheyne, to the healing journey of my Earth Sons, Skye & Ronin,
and bringing love and light to all who cross my path.

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