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Purple Smoke

Women of Wisdom Rock!

A Free 3 Day Virtual Sisterhood Summit
~ For Goddesses In The 50's & 60's!

with Monica Mesa Dasi, Michelle Cross, and Rev Queen Mutima Imani

Full access to Summit Replays upon Registration!

Claim Your Passion, Power, & Purpose!

This precious human life is yours to live with purpose, authenticity, epic love, and radiant health!

If you have any trouble registering, please contact us for assistance!

Are ready to claim your power as a woman of wisdom

Want to feel healthy, happy, and sexy


Know that deepening your spiritual path is the key to inner peace


Are open to learning ancient secrets for longevity and radiant health


Believe that epic love and passion is available to you & your loverships


Desire to feel your magnetism multiply as you amplify your confidence and authenticity


Know that magic and transformation is possible when you surround yourself with women who know who they desire to be


Are ready to rock the maiden, mother, and queen embodied!


Look fear and procrastination in the eye, and say YES to yourself now, after serving others all your life


Know deep down inside that there is more, and that it’s OK to want more for your life, because you know the happier, healthier, and more sensual you is only going to be a greater gift to the world!

Women of Wisdom Rock!
A Free 3 Day Virtual Sisterhood Summit
~ For Goddesses In The 50's & 60's!

Watch the replays for FREE ($222 Value)

It’s time to embrace this extraordinary stage of your life to shine and radiate your essence like never before!

3 Days to Ignite Your Passion, Power, & Purpose

You’re Invited to My First Annual Women of Wisdom Rock Sisterhood Summit!

In This 3 Day Summit You Receive:

~ Daily tips and inspiration from mastery level global mentors that you can apply into your daily life immediately


~ Guided practices and simple rituals to amplify your spiritual path, health, and confidence


~ Relate-able stories from brave trailblazing women to remind you of the infinite possibilities to turn pain into power, purpose, & joy


~ Sacred ritual time with sisters that are walking alongside you. The opportunity to be seen, heard, and know that you are not alone is a powerful healing gift! 


~ Simple secrets to awaken your sacred sexuality and guidance to how it can be healed, ignited, and enjoyed now more than ever! 

Join Us

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Women of Wisdom Schedule

Day 1

Monday October 23, 1-2 pm CST

3 Secrets To Ignite Your Sensuality To Deepen Your Spiritual Path with Michelle Cross Shakti Tantra Coach

Day 2

Tuesday October 24, 1-2 pm CST

3 Secrets To Claim Your Queen Crone Self For Epic Health, Confidence, & Love with Rev. Queen Mutima Imani

Social Justice & Urban Healer

Day 3

Wednesday October 25, 1-2 pm CST

3 Reasons Why Radical Self Love Will Change Your Life AND The World! Monica Mesa Dasi

Tantrik Yogini, Author, & Womens Intuitive Coach

Purple Smoke

Meet Your Guides:

Monica Mesa Dasi
Your Host!

Monica Mesa Dasi is a Tantrik yogini, intuitive, author of bestselling book WithYou Forever, mother of three sons, and devotee of beloved Gurus Neem Karoli Baba & Amma. 

She is a deeply trusted mentor, channeler, plant medicine woman, and an activist that leads the Soul on Fire movement.


Monica has impacted the physical, mental, and spiritual lives of people around the globe with her message of self love, the power of daily practice, and the importance to claim your power, purpose, and passion, & be a beneficial presence on the planet. 


She is a presenter at festivals, retreats, global events, and is the creatress of Soul on Fire Mystery School for Women of Wisdom & Sacred Yoga Sadhana. 


Her message, “Love Yourself & You Love The World” is what she believes will give rise to personal and planetary healing for a more compassionate, healthy, and harmonious humanity.


Monica can be found living in the mountains and by the sea, surfing, serving, loving, devoted to her daily practices, being a proud mama to her sons, and endlessly believing in a world where all beings can be happy and free.

Michelle Cross

Michelle Cross sees every woman as a Goddess and empowers every woman she meets to embrace every facet of her essence. She is a devoted Tantrika, Yogini and Śaktī worshipper, who weaves her magic through the holy transmissions of Yoni and Kuṇḍalinī Śaktī . 

With 33 years of experience in energy work and the body, Michelle remains in awe of the transformative potential within each individual.

Michelle walks the Tantra path, weaving various modalities within her sensuality and intimacy transmissions: women’s embodiment coaching,  kuṇḍalinī activations, chakras, movement alchemy, breathwork, yoni yoga, and sacred touch aka massage for profound healing, alchemy and evolution.

Rev Queen Mutima Imani

Mutima Imani is a social justice visionary, reverend, master trainer and facilitator working to heal the heart of humanity by providing 21st century tools for personal/professional development and transformation.

As a global diversity specialist, she is highly skilled at bringing diverse groups together to practice heart centeredness, resolve conflicts, transmute old wounds and establish new relationships where all are seen and honored.Imani works with people conducting Civic Leadership Training and Restorative Justice Circles. She has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in Phenomenology.

Imani is passionate about how all things work together and what humans can learn from the natural world. She a trainer for the Work that Reconnects International Facilitation Development Program called the Spiral Journey. Queen Rev. Mutima Imani is inspired to call forth the highest intention and innate wisdom in people for a more loving world.

Save your spot in this exclusive FREE Summit with Monica, Michelle, & Mutima

If you have any trouble registering, please contact us for assistance!


Women of Wisdom Rock!

A Free 3 Day Virtual Sisterhood Summit
~ For Goddesses In The 50's & 60's!

Claim Your Passion, Power, & Purpose!

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