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I am Monica Mesa Dasi, a Buddhist bhakti yogini. I am a daughter of the universe, my beloved Colombian parents, and gurus Neem Karoli Baba and Amma. I am a mother of three amazing warrior sons, one of whom passed away from suicide. I am a survivor of drama, trauma, and tragedy and my life is dedicated to helping people heal on all levels as I heal myself.


I am honored to have been teaching, presenting, and sharing yoga for over 30 years. With roots in Iyengar, the yoga of my heart is based in Shiva Rea‘s Prana Vinyasa, of which I have been a senior teacher and trainer, and now teach with my own unique Bhakti touch. Having retired from teaching public classes, I’m now grateful to be teaching at festivals, retreats, and workshops globally, and currently taking a sabbatical to write a book!


One of my greatest heart projects was creating Yoga for the Peaceful studio and Yoga Rocks the Butte WinterFest in Crested Butte, Colorado because I believe in creating a sangha/community, that yoga can heal us all, and when we heal ourselves, we are healing the world at the same time!


I am a spiritual healer, channeler, an alchemist, and plant medicine woman who has learned that miracles are possible and life is magic. I believe in taking a stand for our earth mother and climate change. I believe that Black Lives Matter, in social justice, and that now is the time to come together as ONE.


I am a writer, poet, a mystic you can’t put in any boxes so don’t even think about it because I might transform into a butterfly before your very eyes!


I am a global citizen on this extraordinary planet, I stand for unity in diversity, and I believe that we all need to come together NOW. I don’t believe the world is falling apart, I believe we are all waking up! I believe that self-love and sacred daily practice is the key to becoming our higher self and embodying the divine so we can serve our gifts in the world and feel the inherent joy that is this precious human life.


I believe in LOVE. I believe it’s the doorway, the portal, and the key, that I am love, and you are love, and we are here to love ourselves and each other. Passionately and compassionately.


If our paths have crossed we are most likely karmically connected and I want to look in your eyes!


I am a surfer girl, mountain mermaid, ageless goddess in her 50s and I’m here to rock. I bring all of who I am to everything I do and all my offerings, and I am here to help you rock, heal, and live your dreams.

"Love yourself and you love the world!"

My Teachers

Shiva Rea is Monica’s Maha teacher, who not only gave her the practice of her soul, but also led her to her Gurus, Neem Karoli Baba, Amma, and her Lama! 

Lama Tsultrim Allione is Monica’s Vajrayana Buddhist teacher, who has been her wise guide on buddhist teachings with much warmth, patience and depth.

Neem Karoli Baba came to Monica through a mystical moment with Ram Dass, and this inner relationship has filled her life with grace ever since. His message is what informs her life and teaching, “Love everyone. Serve everyone. Remember God.”


Sadguru Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, "Amma", has become a beloved Guru to me and I am inspired by her unconditional love and extraordinary worldwide humanitarian reach!



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Monica Mesa Dasi

Crested Butte, Colorado


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