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Dear Satsang,

The last LoveLetter went out a month ago, just after my father passed away, and as I look back at the past month and the emotional rollercoaster of it all, I can't believe I made it through all that with some measure of grace. I can only imagine what went down for all of you during that Mercury retrograde season, and I truly hope that October has been gentler for you.

Now that retrograde season is over we are now in eclipse and Scorpio season! Well choosing this incarnation is definitely for bold and brave souls, so celebrating you all and reminding you of your courage, grit, and heart to be living in these times. Thankfully, there is so much to be grateful for and when we continue to bring our attention back to gratitude and love, everything else seems surmountable.

Today is actually Diwali, the festival of lights and the day we celebrate Lakshmi's birthday, the goddess of love and abundance! The New Moon in Scorpio, Diwali, and the partial solar eclipse all culminate to remind us to find our passion inside, face our shadows, be ready for the possibility of major endings and new beginnings, and to keep returning to the light inside your soul and in the world.

One of the major changes in my life has been choosing to live in Colombia until January. After the upheaval of leaving my relationship, I was suddenly without a home. (I sold my house in Crested Butte in March!) I had to quickly decide where to go and my intuition led me to the land of my roots, where both of my parents were born. I have been coming here since my childhood, and then started teaching retreats and teacher trainings here about 15 years ago, so along with family, I also have a great deal of friends and Satsang here as well. I had never lived here before, so something in me felt it was just what my muladhara chakra needed: to immerse myself in the soil and culture of Colombia.

I am living in a beautiful colonial town in the countryside called Villa de Leyva, 7050 feet above sea level, nestled in the Eastern Andes mountains. It is famous for its historical importance, Spanish settler style architecture, cobblestone streets, magical forests, and magnificent square, which is considered one of the most impressive in all of South America!

Already a Spanish speaker, I am really getting to sharpen up my conversational skills, started teaching a weekly yoga class, and have made some very special new friends. Since it is an International destination, the town boasts the best of authentic culture AND FOOD, as well as impressive cultural events, festivals, and of course shopping and dining. It's quite affordable, and I rented an adorable little casita called Paz Verde, (Peaceful Green) right down the street from a beautiful hiking area complete with rushing waterfalls, rivers, and a swimming hole for this little mermaid.

I am loving it! Putting the pieces of my heart together after so many losses, recrafting the vision for my life, eating lots of arepas, (Colombian corn cakes), taking lots of nature walks with Shanti, enjoying my new Soul on Fire Journey group, finishing up my book, and quite honestly, just BEING. I will share with you that big changes are coming in my offerings for 2023 and though I know some of what that will be, a lot of it is still forming. I turned 57 in September, and though it sounds like a big number, I still feel 35, yet making peace with the usual signs and stages of aging. (Not so easy!)

I have learned time and again that life is full of twists and turns, to be ready to pivot, take refuge in my practices, my faith, my loved ones, to cry when I need to, and then to get back up, keep smiling, and continue serving in ways that can be of benefit to people and the planet. The bhakti path of love, service, and devotion is the fuel and inspiration for my life, and my message will always be the same wherever I go in the world. This phrase came channeled to me from Cheyne, and is a small nugget of more to come in our book: Love Yourself. Love Everyone. Love God. (The God of YOUR understanding) We are all ONE.

De mi corazon (From my heart), ❤️ Monica

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P.S.S.. Are you ready for an intimate retreat with me on the magical Caribbean Tayrona Coastline in Colombia? Join me ~ December 7th - 11th, 2022! ~ The Yoga of Love ~ Bhakti Prana Vinyasa Yoga, Mantra, Meditation, Breath, Sacred Plant Medicines, Satsang This retreat has limited spots and will sell out quickly, so please contact Lulu Cordoba for registration details (! Om Shanti, Monica — Sent from my iLove

“Love yourself. Love God. Love the World." ~mmd

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