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40 Days of Bliss!

Invitation to my 40 Day Sacred Yoga Sadhana which begins on 1/1/22!

Oh my friends, yoga, breathwork, mantra, ayurveda, prayers, downloads from my heart, sacred community, all of this and more to launch you into the new year!

This is my heart offering where I share my daily practices withyou that have healed me, given me courage to show up despite all the sorrows and challenges of life, and given me radiant health and ageless shimmer.

This is for YOU if you desire MORE than yoga asana and want to go deep into your soul, love yourself passionately, and be a beneficial presence in the world!

Special gift from me is my free Power of Practice 7 week online course when you join by 12/31!

My friends have told me these 40 days have been life changing and I’ll be giving you all my heart from my new home in the shores of California as I make my own leap of faith together with the beautiful group that converges.

Give yourself the gift that will bless you the whole rest of the year, all info below!

RamRam familia, love yourself and you love the world!

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