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A Different World

the world seems so different now, tho it’s always changing, it seems more profound now.

we are being pushed thru a new portal to be MORE than we ever were, more awake, more conscious, more kind, more brave, more loving; to others, to the planet, and to ourselves.

everyday i wrap myself in the holy embrace of my practices of yoga, meditation, pranayama breath, plant medicine, time in nature, mantra, and prayer. it’s the refuge from it all, takes me out of my head and into my heart and soul. it gives me the strength to get thru and do all the 1008 things, be a good coach, teacher, mentor, mother, daughter, friend, lover, citizen.

what are the practices that bring you peace, power, courage and compassion?

i’m so grateful for mine and i pray you find yours, commit to it daily, and know it’s a generous act that will bless the world.

RamRam friends, love yourself and you love the world!

Mark Nadir

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