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About to take flight!

“Be a hawk, the wind will lift you. Just glide, then you will remember how to fly.”

Those are the words of one of the greatest healers of my life, @theisjudi2018

I have been traveling since the end of 2018; India, Nepal, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, West Coast, East Coast, & Colorado. My wings are about to take flight again, back to the country of my roots, to the epic Caribbean city of Cartagena, where my mom now lives, and where I spent many childhood years.

It’s a big leap for me, but it seems like my life is all about leaps. Gratefully, there are good people everywhere, I can continue to serve my offerings virtually and in new spaces and places, and thanks to all of my practices, hOMe is wherever i go!

Lifting off soon, but my August Soul Sadhana will begin on 8/7 right before the Lions Gate Portal right when i land in my humble beachfront apartment, so come chant, pray, breathe, meditate, and do yoga with me and let’s fly together!

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