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Aloha Kula!

I am writing you from Oahu! It has been a longtime dream of mine to take my sons here on vacation and it has finally happened. Although I’ve had wonderful family vacations with them, my single mom budget and work schedule always prevented me from being able to take them all to something as lavish as this! It’s a proud moment, and we’ve come a long way together, but not having Cheyne “here” with us also makes it bittersweet. 

The catalyst was a college visit for my youngest son Ronin, so I decided this is it, brought my son Skye too, and Cheyne right here with us all the way. A healing trip for our new threesome, something we all needed.

I decided to go off all social media for this precious time with my sons and oddly enough it was a hard decision to make. I realize how social media has become the “keeping up with the Jones’s” of our times. In the world of yoga, it’s almost essential to keep a presence to be able to market and have successful enrollment in ones programs and events. So, this “digital detox” has been an interesting leap of faith to trust I can actually drop off, drop in with my family, and find the balance of it all when I come back. Although some aspects of social media can be challenging, I am really grateful for the way it can actually help people make authentic connections and be a positive force, and this is the way I will continue to show up.

All my life, this theme of leaps, faith, and surrender has been predominant. This is my path to embody, practice, teach, and mentor. My being has been etched to the bone by practices I have been doing for decades. I believe it has saved my life, and I believe it can save lives. My passion is to bring it to the people, the youth, everyone and every body. 

As I gaze at the horizon and enjoy the ocean with my sons, I am listening deeply to how my path is evolving. I’m allowing myself to become empty, to listen, and to “live into the answers”. Right now I am simply in gratitude for my Soul on Fire Mentorship Group, the wonderful trainings, festivals, and retreats that are coming together, and the blessings that have come full circle to be here with my sons, all three of them! I continue my grief journey, walk the path of faith and surrender, and know that love is always the answer. 

This last new moon of Winter, as we round the corner towards the Spring Equinox, I wish you the beauty and majesty of ocean bliss and mountain dreams, the loving embrace of family and loved ones, quiet moments, ecstatic joy, peace in moments of despair, and ease of heart with all that life brings to your path. 


Your Dasi, Monica

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