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Be Brave!

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

The shores of my homestate of California have called me back. By the miracle of love, i go into the arms of Kory Lon Tydon and the sea and surf. It’s a big change, a leap of faith as i leave my Colorado ski town, the jungle of Costa Rica, and all that was to begin a new life, a new chapter, a new me.

Leaps of faith are something i know well to do. Making decisions based on faith and not fear bring miracles we don’t always know will be.

Gathering my strength for all the parts and pieces to come together with grace these next few weeks, and holding my heart and all that’s transforming within. Life is change my friends. My Cheyne whispering in my ear, be brave Mama!

As we shift into a new season and this last full moon of the year, gather yourselves, pray with your shoes on, ask for support, hold on for this wild ride as we change the world one holy moment, and step, at a time.

Be brave, I’m here for you!

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