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Dear Friends! This weekend is an auspicious gateway as the New Moon, total Solar Eclipse, AND Solstice all converge! With everything going on in the world, the astrology is giving us the chance to take a sacred pause, listen to the call of our hearts, and begin anew.  What I know is that the world is NOT falling apart, the unconsciousness of the world is falling apart, and there is a holy uprising within each one of us. The paradigm is shifting, and we are birthing a new world, at the same time we are awakening our own souls.  This is it my friends. As you look to the sun, the dark moon, and the vast sky, believe in the infinite possibilities that exist for YOU to take your seat in fulfilling your soul purpose on the planet. Each and every one of you has a gift to share and now is the moment to bring it out of the closet. Close your eyes and vision the world you want to see, the YOU you want to be. Hold that vision, no matter what the outer circumstances look like, and believe the planetary healing, justice for all, and a purposeful life IS possible. BELIEVE. I believe in YOU. Join me on the Solstice this Saturday, and let’s do this! Galactic Love! Monica

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