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Beltane Blessings

Mayday Blessings! Beltane is a sacred juncture in time (sandhya) that marks the midway point between Spring + Summer, and represents the universal concept that everything and everyone has darkness and light. Everything can and will change, and it is. We are transitioning from one evolutionary stage to another. It’s a magical time, a transformational time, a challenging time, a time where we are all digging deep. Bel = Shining, bright Taine = Fire Lighting a fire for yourself, coming together in community for a common fire, lighting a fire for the world, the veils are thin and the door to the world of Spirit is always wide open for new beginnings, joy, and hope. It’s certainly a new beginning for me, as I am back in my jungle hOMe, gathering strength from nature today and opening to infinite possibilities to love, serve, embody this yoga of life. What will you do with this one holy day? You can gather flowers, where yellow, commune with friends, take refuge in your practices, dance to the sun, bow to mother nature, and pray for the world. XOXO

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