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Breakups happen.

Everyone’s wondering what happened, and well you know at the risk of over sharing, basically it didn’t work out. High hopes, big dreams, and crazy leaps, that’s who i am, but in the end i gotta listen to my heart and i knew our karma was done. Grateful for it all, no regrets, and praying for us both to find that just right one.

Lots of lessons learned and though i can’t answer the questions all want to know: where will you go next!? I’m not sure but it will be great, i’ll still be chasing waves and temples, and i’ll be serving up a new program that launches TODAY for people like me who wanna live and love BIG. More coming on that…

Here’s one thing i know: Because of the power of my practices, I can dust off my tender heart, tie my shoelaces back up, and rise up from the ashes. Again.

Definitely had some people try and take me down, but not this mama, I got God, Green Tara, all three of my sons, Lama, Gurus, Goddesses, angels, epic friends and family, and my own crazy wild holy self as a force field of wisdom, love, and protection.

Leo season, here i come!

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