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Custom MMD Rainbow Mala Now Available!

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

I have been a mala lover for years, and am guilty of having many made by so many talented artisans yoga sisters. I am so grateful to Sara Ward for creating this special edition custom "MMD Rainbow Mala" after my favorite mala she gifted me years ago that everyone always asks me about! It comes with a variety of faceted gems, a beautiful golden vintage Ganesh, and a special mantra. Each one is one of a kind! You can find a special discount on my web site under "things i love". (Along with other cool companies with products i love!)

Mantra is one of my main spiritual tools that has had such a transformative effect in my life. One of the meanings of this word is "mind training", and when we combine one of these high vibrating words/phrases with each bead, it is called "Japa". So, as you repeat your chosen mantra (from your own spiritual tradition) you are literally drawing in that energy and counteracting any negative thought forms. When you wear your mala, it is infused with that energy, so it is such a beautiful way to enjoy jewelry and art with a deeper meaning to bless your life!

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