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Devotion is the most central part of my life

Surrender is the path

faith is the key

love is the gift that results

2023 is over

the year i became an author with my son Cheyne

became a certified Tantra teacher

saw my son Ronin achieve glory

my son Skye finish his studies with mastery

lived and surfed in Cartagena

had exquisite time with my mama

loved and lived in the majesty of Crested Butte again

started my Mystery School for women of wisdom

created Shakti Yoga Sadhana weekly online classes

took my Soul on Fire business to new offerings & people

came back to Costa Rica

deepened my faith

and courage to live my truth

what will 2024 bring for you

and me?

even if everything didn’t happen as i wished

nothing can beat the moments of love, oneness with the Divine, and the joy of living life as ritual

showing up even when you’re scared, trembling, crying, doubting your good enough, or worried what people will think of you

make 2024 the year you go beyond all that, the year that you detach from outer circumstances

and attach yourself to the eternal, infinite glory of all that never dies

what will you do with this one holy year?

start with my 21 Day Sacred Yoga Sadhana:

New Year Mind, Body, Soul Transformation!







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