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Especially Grateful today!

For these two souls. Kelley Doyle.who was the angel between me and my Kory Lon Tydonfinding me and this epic love that i’ve dreamed of all my life!

Thank you’s all the way around for the magic of life, the way this final piece of the puzzle of my life is blessing me and will bless my sons, and all in my wingspan. You’re gonna love this guy my friends, we gonna blaze this life and blow your minds with what love can do and bring into this world.

Every cell is filled with gratitude for all i’ve been blessed with, all the indigenous people who are still here with heads held high and wisdom ways we will never forget, my mom my best cheerleader in life, crazy wisdom dad, blood sisters who love me even if I’m the black sheep, my gurus, Lama, medicine people, healers, friends, all the YoginiPreneurs i mentor, my dog, this extraordinary earth, surf that cleanses my soul, my 3 sins best thing i ever did in life, my soul on fire team who do all the things to make it roll so good, damn i could go on forever with the thank you’s, but its endless, and i sit here at my altar with tears in my eyes, faith in my soul we can change this world, and AMOR so big it’s taken me to my knees.

Bless you all, may you feel my love, prayers, and warm embrace!

Om Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu:

May all be happy and FREE, and may my thoughts words and actions contribute to ALL being happy and free baby FREE!

RamRam lovers, love yourself and you love the world!


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