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Final day of Women of Wisdom Rock Sisterhood Summit!

I am so honored and grateful that we had over 100 women between the ages of 49 to 69 register!

It has been a powerful cauldron of goddesses on a mission empowered to walk through the world with love, inner peace, and confident about the contribution they have made, and are continuing to make in the world!

Today it’s my turn to give my transmission on radical self-love, and how it can change your life AND change the world! I really believe this, and I believe we need it more than ever now!

This has been the kickstart to Soul on Fire Mystery School, and it has definitely created some big energy and a new movement that I know is going to be sacred medicine for the planet, which so needs it now!

Infinite thanks to my team and all who participated and supported this beautiful event an epic women!

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