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Friends on the Path;“Satsang!”

I am passionate to share about the practice of bhakti yoga, meditation, mantra, pranayama/breath, plant medicine, climate change awareness, the law of attraction, self-love and spiritual healing on all levels at such extraordinary times in our world.

I have created this series that begins today at 1:11 mst on my Soul on Fire Satsang! Page. Coming together in community is one of the most important aspects of bhakti yoga so that we can help each other in this lila of life.

Today’s first session is about understanding your top 3 SuperPowers! That’s right, you have superpowers, more than you know, and I am excited to share with you my thoughts and ways you can activate them in order to be your highest self and be a beneficial presence on the planet!

We need you. Each and every one of you has gifts, talents, and special qualities that not only heal yourself but can also help heal the world. When we step into our full power and acknowledge our divine super powers it will have a butterfly effect on all those around you!

Schedule for the week:

Wednesday (Today!): Superpowers

Thursday 9/2: Three of my favorite mantras for healing and abundance.

Friday 9/3: Three yoga sequences for love and empowerment.

Saturday 9/4: Three reasons why plant medicine can benefit you and the planet.

Sunday 9/5: Ayurveda: three daily habits that can change your life.

Monday 9/6: Special Live Zoom Class which will include Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation, and Prana Vinyasa yoga!

RamRam, love yourself & you love the world!

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