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Full Moon LoveLetter

Dear Friends on the Path,

Our last full moon of the year is in Cancer, the sign that represents home, family, roots, and love. I can’t think of a better way to heal from everything we have all been through than to embrace our human, blood, and soul family.

We have been shown the errors of our ways, the effect it has had across all the lands, people, and creatures. Now we get to turn things around. Question the authority, get curious, ask ourselves a lot of questions, set our own relationships straight, and learn how to treat each other as One Family.

I am doing my own healing around my ancestral lineage and family of origin, and it’s not easy! All the things I have been through have affected all of my relationships. I realize I am not the same person I once was, people may not know how to help and adapt as life changes us, and sometimes we outgrow relationships and either need to let go or reshape them.

I am learning how to stand up for myself, ask for what I need, accept others for who they are, let go of expectations, and find new ways to connect, heal, forgive, and honor the reforming of my own self at the same time the world is restructuring.

It’s big work, it takes courage to be here now and face it all, not look away, and do what has to be done. For me the inspiration is LOVE.

I think we are all here to love. To love, be loved, and embody love. To love ourselves so much that we can’t help but radiate more love in the world.

Krishna Das has said “devotion gives us direction.” Devotion to your spiritual path & practices, to yourself, your healing path, your relationships, your dharma path, and your causes.

This is love in action!

Bless you all as we make the final turn towards the new year. May your love and devotion lead the way, and may we all meet on that same Path of Love!

RamRam, love in all directions!


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