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Fun Fact!

Very few people know that in college i was a bodybuilder and actually won a contest! I gave that all up for yoga over three decades ago but i still got some guns! (This pose btw is one that my sons taught me!) The smell of iron in a real gym still brings back good memories, but i’m so fulfilled by my yoga practices and outside sports like surfing, walking, nordic skiing, swimming etc, that being in a gym hasn’t happened in ages. Being a woman in my 50’s (sneaking towards 60!) i am devoted to my daily practices!

Women often want to know what my secrets are, and I love that because i ask the same question to people i admire. For me it’s yoga, meditation, pranayama, mantra, attraction based consciousness + heart brain coherence studies, ayurveda, being a vegetarian, a fruit freak, eating a ton a superfoods, plant medicine, lots of healing work, time soaking up nature, surrounding myself with epic people, and loving myself up extra good when the going gets tough.

Probably most important is that i love to serve and be a beneficial presence to the people and causes in my life, so that inspires me to stay on my game. I truly believe this body is a temple God gave us, so I give my gratitude by treating it with loving kindness and making my physical, spiritual, and mental health a priority.

I have decided to put together a year long program with all the practices and secrets that have kept me happy and healthy through all the ups and downs of life, so check the link in bio and I will be sharing more about it these next few weeks!

PS-swipe for my son Ronin if you wanna see real muscle!

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