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Happy Mother's Day

The mother in me miraculously called in these three beautiful sons. One in the world of Spirit now, two on the planet, growing into their manhood, a true heroes journey they’ve all had. I remember this day like yesterday, I remember holding, nursing, sleeping with them, throwing balls, crying, laughing, fighting for them, playing, deep talks, endless endless mama memories. How lucky I am! To be a mother is my greatest honor and joy! To have my mother, and the lineage my mother came from, has been a true gift, she has shown me the way of love, forgiveness, faith, strength, and courage, she has stood by my side in all the ups and downs, she has literally given me life, and I bow to her today as well. To all the Ma’s, here and beyond, to all women whether they birthed children or not, always woman is the mother of all. Happy Mother’s Day!

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