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Happy Spring Equinox & Full Super Moon!

Here we are, yesterday and the last season is over. Tomorrow has not yet come. Who are you today? This auspicious day that the full moon is coinciding with the new season and the first sign of the zodiac! It's all about balance...A time to listen, a time to speak up, a time to reach out, a time to hold yourself dear. A time to pause, and a time to take wisdom in action. A time to serve, and a time for nurturing self. balancing light and shadow, making bold changes, or small strides. A time to heal, and a time to shine bright. A day to give thanks and honor our mother earth who has given us another day of sun and moon, peaks and oceans, creatures, and so much magic. A doorway opens this new day and new season. Embracing a fresh start for me, and for all!


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