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Here’s a verse from 11th century Buddhist Yogini Machig Labdron:

“Carry the load of appearing conditions. If you don’t carry the load of all phenomena, the remedy of peace and happiness can’t find you.”

If the conditions are challenging, and we don’t embrace them, peace escapes us. This is such an advanced concept to truly accept, embody, and be with.

We know life is change, shit happens, and life is not permanent, so why is it so hard when it happens?

The spiritual path of bhakti yoga + buddhism has always been my refuge. Add to that attraction based consciousness, heart brain coherence, and a variety of wisdom based teachings, and the path seems a bit easier.

These days it’s such a blessing to have practices that bring us peace, happiness, and ease of heart, and i am so grateful for all the teachers and teachings that have come to me so that i can give it back to you. The power is in daily practice and letting these rituals open your heart to see the love that you are despite all outer conditions.

“The Power is Practice

Practice is the Path.

The Path is Love!”


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