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Holding my heart.

i had a dream about my son Cheyne in the wee hours of the morning today. Soon it’s July, and that means September is right around the corner. (That’s when he transitioned to the world of formless) It’s common for people grieving to have date markers throughout the year; birthdays, holidays, in my case Mother’s Day, the day they passed, they are spread out all through the year.

As much as I try to stay in the present, and not go back to the past, or even to the future, the body knows. The heart knows. So I let the tears flow, I pray, do my practices, reach out to friends, family, and healers, let the ocean cleanse my sorrows, be good to myself, and let it move through me.

Another layer. And underneath it is faith, grace, and gratitude. To have a love like that is such a gift. I’ll treasure it forever. And that my friends, never dies.

Holding me. Holding you. Thank you. Loving you my Cheyne!


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