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I AM a Yogini!

I have a great respect for yoga teachers. Of course I am one myself. More than a yogini business coach, more than a studio owner, more than an entrepreneur, I am a yogini. Other than being a mom, this is the other identifying aspect of myself that I am most proud of. After college, I was a high school teacher, then I had an at home vegan pancake mix business while I was raising babies, started teaching yoga, then had countless jobs as a single mother later on, but I have spent most of my life involved in teaching the yoga that has come to me from great teachers, lineages, and Gurus from Mother India.

Luckily for me that means I have surrounded myself with other people who are dedicated to spreading the wisdom and teachings of yoga. This past year and a half while I have been on pilgrimage after my youngest son graduated from high school, I have had the pleasure of taking more classes than I have been teaching, meeting wonderful teachers from all over the world, and getting to experience the unique gifts that each and every teacher has.

With what we have going on in the world now, I believe that there has never been a better time to learn the practices of yoga from all of the extraordinary teachers that are so generously giving from their heart, trying to adapt to the current conditions, and courageously putting themselves out there like never before.

Let’s hear it for all the yoga teachers out there, you are all amazing, love yourselves up good because you deserve it, you are healing the world as you heal your own selves, and whether there’s one person or 108 in your classes, you are making a difference!

I’m here for you! The magic of sisterhood and support is available so you can keep doing what you believe in and living with a soul on fire, XOXO go to my FB and hit the link for comp call w me & info. We begin in one week!

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