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I Choose Happiness.

Happiness is my word for the year!

Because even though things are hard, and even though we’ve all been through so much, there is so much to be grateful for.

I want to add a new focus to my grief journey, called my “happiness journey”. I want to feel the kind of happiness that the Buddhist teachings call “genuine happiness”: a quality of well-being that is deeper than the transient pleasures of life. The source of this yearning is at the deepest level of all beings and there are pathways to get there.

How do we find that when there have been so many layers of trauma, tragedy, and sadness in our lives?

For me it has been about becoming deeply devoted to my spiritual path; taking responsibility for my own evolution, gaps in consciousness, getting better at how I deal with my relationships, the way I handle the obstacles that arise on my path, being committed to my practices, the teachings of my gurus & teachers, having a dedication to service and being a beneficial presence.

This is a time when becoming spiritually motivated and taking responsibility for becoming your highest self is essential to the evolution of planetary consciousness and shifting the current paradigm.

I choose happiness.

I choose the path to happiness.

I choose love.

I choose to heal & love myself no matter what it takes, so that I can be a light for others.

I choose to support you in finding the practices, tools, and strategies to healing, happiness, and being your most radiantauthenticpowerful abundant self!

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