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In my hands!

Did I really do this?!

Actually, I only did a very small percentage of it, most of it was written and channeled to me by my son Cheyne.

The rest of it came through from my heart to my hands, to you, by the grace of God, and my amazing publisher, Monique Alvarez, editor Jackie Just , graphic designer Ashley Melin, my soul brother photographer Mark Nadir, + Andi Tippie ,angels like Karie Reyes , my healer who told me the book had already been written Dana Hersh, the one who gave me the sacred nudge Aaron Fisher, all the poets and contributors, including my Gurus Amma & Neem Karoli Baba, my Lama Tsultrim Allione

and so many other friends, family, lovers, and the earths majestic mountains and waves that held me up throughout the years of bringing this heart project of a lifetime to you.


Thank You


I pray it may help relieve some suffering in the world and bring awareness and healing to all those who need it, in honor of my son Cheyne, and all those who have crossed over to the other side, who just needed a little more love, connection, and support from the world.

WithYou Forever!

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