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INTERdependence Day

Well my loves

INTERdependence Day is tomorrow, and after the big wake up we’ve all had, i don’t really feel like it’s appropriate for me to just put my hair up and stroll down the beach and forget about all the work to be done for radical racial justice and freedom, TRUE freedom, for ALL.

Books to read, courses to take, things to learn, UNlearn, letters to write marches to support, put my money where my mouth is, and so much more.

Damn we’re lucky. Whatever freedoms we have, they’re more than many. My sadhana, my prayer, my dream is that no matter how long or what it takes, we get the ball rollin my friends. Take a moment at your bbq and visualize peace and freedom for all. And then ask, what’s my part? Even just one book, one podcast, one signature, counts!

And then, walk your prayers so that your footprints leave peace and freedom everywhere you go.

Om Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu:

May all beings be happy and free, may my thoughts words and actions contribute to the happiness and freedom of all beings!

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