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Is anyone else being hit hard by Mercury retrograde?!

Wow, I got my phone stolen, have been dealing with power outages and no wifi in Costa Rica, tough revelations about some relationships, an ear infection from the ocean, tons of issues with not being able to connect and do everything I need to do with a phone, and even some body tweaks from too much surfing.

I love to spread the good news about the retrograde season being about going inwards, slowing down, lots of self love & self care, and listening inside, but this time I am really getting smacked!

Anyone else feeling it?

All I know to do during these times is to take refuge in my practice. This is when my meditation, mantra, yoga, breath, plant medicine, and tantrik practices are essential to staying balanced in the windstorms (oh yes did I say we are also dealing with windstorms?!)

If you're dealing with the chaos of this time and season, I would love to invite you to check out the free video I have when you sign up for my LoveLetter that can really help you stay calm and balanced. I also can't say enough about my 21 Day Sacred Yoga Sadhana (holyday special now!) coming up 1/8-28 where you get to do and learn ALL of these practices with me in the comfort of you're own home so that you can KEEP doing them afterwards and put them in your back pocket for when real life happens.

Which is everyday! Thats why I am so passionate about sharing these ancient practices! They work! When you care for yourself and utilize all your body, breath and spirit to be your best, its a true gift for the world.

Give yourself the gift of yoga + spiritual practice this season, and know that you are also giving a gift to all your loved ones & the whole world.

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