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It’s my moon!

Updated: Mar 13

This Virgo moon is considered one of the most auspicious moons of the year!

Virgo is also the sign of the goddess, although she also can get stuck in trying to reach for perfection, have overly high expectations, and avoid getting into action for fear of failure.

I really get this as a Virgo and have been holding onto releasing my latest offering until things were just right…

Gratefully, I have been on my “Radical Self Love Tour” in four different cities in Colombia and have been teaching special Tantra yoga classes that has left people deeply moved and inspired, so I decided despite all those feelings, this is my NOW moment!

This full moon reminds you to get out there and be and do what you want without letting fear get in the way!

When your desire to serve is greater than your fear, you will get out of your way!

What gifts or holy dreams are you keeping inside?

What is possible for you to get really clear about how you can help humanity, and those who really need it, and just go ahead and take the next step even if everything isn’t perfect?

This is your NOW moment!

Look out for my Intro to Tantra info below!

Integrating Radical Self Love, S3xuality, & spirituality is good medicine for our planet!

When you love yourself, heal your relationships, and utilize your body temple as part of your spiritual path, your divine Shakti is unleashed and you feel the joy and empowerment of your divinity and wholeness!

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