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Let's face it. I'm a charger.

Let’s face it, I’m 55. I’m aging. Sitting here with badly bruised ribs from a surf accident, (which has nothing to do with aging by the way) I can’t help feel a little vulnerable in my body.

Let’s face it. I’m a charger.

I attempt to catch waves that some young ones don’t go after.

I go for peak asanas that are not “needed” at my age. I have a weakness for younger men (howz that for radical honesty) who can keep up with me. I wear bikinis I’m pretty sure are inappropriate at my age. When people ask how old I am, though I’m proud to say it, I often forget the actual number.

I feel 35. But I’m not. I color my roots. I take bio-identical hormones, have some wrinkles, just had cataract surgery a few months ago, could become a grandmother at any moment (I wish), and hey, I was born in the 60’s!

Luckily, yoga found me early in life and I truly believe in its anti-aging benefits, amongst all the others. I’m a vegetarian, eat a shitload of superfood, have a team of healers and body workers, have a morning meditation, bhakti, and pranayama practice that lasts several hours, and study the law of attraction, do affirmations, prayers, and mantra all day long!

Healthy living is just my life, so I feel like aging gracefully is something we can all do, and I want to take a stand for it for ALL women. Because truthfully, this body is but a shell that houses our Spirit, that will one day return to the sea. We don’t know when that will be, so until then, may we be young at heart, old in wisdom, and ageless in spirit.

Oh and PS- Want more of this, come to my Nosara Yoga & Surf Retreat, Mother’s Day Week in May, check out my recent post on Facebook!

RamRam, love yourself, and you love the world!

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