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Love the ones your WITH!

The trip to the States was about One Thing: Seeing people i adore! New friends, old friends, family, and the sweet surprises along the way.

A lot of the time it seems i was in quarantine before i could see anyone, yet the contrast to finally getting to see and embrace real human contact makes it so special! I have always been blessed by good people in my life, family and friendships with depth and passion, and to me this is what makes life the beauty that it is.

To be seen, to be loved without conditions, to work stuff out together, to be forgiven, to remember who we were by the light in their eyes, to be inspired to keep on. Together!

Even though i’m used to teaching, presenting, coaching, leading trainings, retreats, workshops, festivals, etc, did you know i’m actually an introvert? As time and life has its way, i’ve become that way even more so. So when i do come out of my turtle shell, it’s because i’m surrounded by amazing people!

Thank you my friends, love the ones you’re with!

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