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Medicine Men.

I love men and I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such good ones! I have my 3 amazing sons of course, a great artist dad, and though I never had blood brothers, I’ve always been blessed by soulful brothers on my spiritual path. Like many women, I have been deeply wounded by men in my life, so these men have been beloved healers for me and it’s been such an honor and joy to be embraced by them. Because I’ve personally witnessed the struggles of young men and boys in my sons journeys, I’m on a mission to support and celebrate men however I can, and I know there’s more to come with that… Meet Avi, @avi_purectr ! He is one of my friends on the plant medicine pathway and we are doing #iglivestream on Friday about our plant medicine journey. We both want to help demystify and educate people about these sacred medicines at a time when the whole world can really benefit from their power to heal, bring people together, and bring us into sacred communion with our beloved Pachamama. Little secret Medicine for the People Retreats coming in 2022- Yoga, plant medicine, ecstatic dance, (and surf of course!) RamRam friends, when you heal yourself, you heal the world! See Less

— at Medicine Men.

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