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My mom’s my #1 angel in life!

I am so so blessed to be 58 and still have my mama by my side!

I’ve recently realized that there are so many questions I can ask her about my childhood, so many parts of my life that she holds the key to understanding, and so much wisdom she can share as I step into my own elderhood years.

Since i started my Mystery School specific for “Women of Wisdom”, what I’ve realized is that there is so much juiciness in living into this next version of ourselves, and it can definitely be something to look forward to rather than dread!

One thing that is super key is to have role models, true elders, that light the way before us, and are showing us how to age as a sage goddess, enchantress, crone queen, silver sister or whatever you want to call yourself!

Tag a sister you admire aging with grit and grace, and share who inspires YOU!

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